Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Buzzing and The Prune Prince Tweets 12th Feb

Below are the tweets from 12th Feb, For reference in case something disappears.

The Buzzing: Initiate venereal day drone. From something harsh comes something sweet. He is a child, & she is a child, in the kingdom by the sea #hivehum

The Buzzing: Locate Venereal Day signal. TRIANGULATE! TRIANGULATE! Sixteen Candles burn. Blood douses them out. 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 #hivehum

The Buzzing: Initiate V-Day thrum. Courting sequence. Pheromones. So sweet. Intercepting mobile phone image. TRANSMIT! #hivehumpic.twitter.com/WSbdR1F3

The Buzzing: Cricket-leg-rub frequency. Intercept mobile text. TRANSMIT "Definitely post-apocalypse. Can u believe people used fax machines, C?" #hivehum

Prune Prince: Remember, for the V-day shindig, absolutely NO discussing business in front of the pleasure-demons. Money and power are their pillow-talk.

Prune Prince: Agents, report in. Any eyes on whatever this is? No instagram pls. RT@The_Buzzing Sixteen Candles burn. Blood douses them out. 66 66 66 66

Prune Prince: Agents. Your John Hughes fanfic does not count as a report. Stop. RT @The_Buzzing Sixteen Candles burn. Blood douses them out. 66#hivehum

Prune Prince: Take note #hivehum @AsqTemplar @Azirphaeli A token payment for your services will be directly messaged to you shortly. Further upon proof.

Prune Prince: Feel free to give your payment to your subordinate agents. Your network is your own to manage. #hivehum @Azirphaeli @Vaalarek@AsqTemplar

Prune Prince: Abandon red herrings. Rewards for the first #hivehum members with coords or name of @The_Buzzing's source. Who was this? Where? Allegiance?

Prune Prince: Are you saying this "Creed" is responsible? What is her goal? Why is she of interest to @The_Buzzing? @klethetemplar #hivehum

Prune Prince: Good work @BrynChroi, you've earned a payment for the coordinates. Stand by. #hivehum: if Creed sent the message, who to and to what end?

Prune Prince: I have a nasty tickling that @The_Buzzing wastes our time on affairs most mundane. @Kyliari @BlueScalene @Sh3zb3th, payment is en route.

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